Wednesday, December 31, 2014

"Our Year's End 'Finis'....."

On the last page of this little 'Adventure Muse' is one of my very favorite quotes by Viktor Frankl . He said "The Latin word for 'finis' has two meanings: the end or finish, and a goal to reach...".
Every time I, or a Friend places one of these small touchstone gifts, I think about why I've included it. It was put just there, in the last bit, for many reasons. Then it just might spark some musings about its endless meanings.
As adventurers, I think we all sense, then feel, and finally know, the truth of these words the further and longer we wander out among the wild places.
We may come to the end of a climb but really are only just beginning we eventually see.
The trail may seem to be completed, yet our path is only truly getting going.
That ridge route appears finite, but the vista's and perceptions opening up are clearly not.
A longed for adventure experience may be in its last stages, but the callings we then continue to hear are even more pronounced now.
Our efforts out there are over and done, yet the echoes of what these mean are simply getting started.
We attain a point on the map, accomplish an elusive objective, then we go on to discover still other sources, even further energies, and destinations yet to be revealed.
Such passages may feel occasionally like they are in their last phases, but now we realize too they are reflections of endless possibilities .
We bring together the days end by eventually closing our eyes out in a tent or under the stars . Then we dream about new beginnings and the meanings for why we do what we do when out adventuring among the wild places.
What appeared final, we now know to be primal. What seemed last, we sense now to be first. What looked as closure, we discover to hold amazing potential.
Then Frankl's quote echoes out yet again and promises us all so very many further wonders and farther adventures..... DSD
A distinct dedication this year's end day to all of those who are Adventuring For Another Reason this season.

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