Sunday, January 18, 2015

"In The Dawning Of Our New Day..."

In the dawning of a new day, within the dawnings of our shared early year, we may find so many promises...
A promise of assurances that we will be just fine, just like what our climbing partner offers as they hold out a rope for us.
A promise of possibilities yet to be discovered as when we first launch out from the shoreline.
A promise to enlighten us with being able to see with new eyes, as we always feel when gazing out from that finally attained elusive summit.
A promise that we will indeed find our way because the compass will always point north.
In the dawning of a new day are promises reflecting hope, that which affirms the future, and holds out the potential for as many things as impossible to count as the pebbles on an endless beach.
In the first moments of dawn all things may come to be.
During that first light within a new days beginning, wonderment is always present.
We are promised too that the such dawnings will forever be there for us, full of prospects, new horizons, and gifts of refreshed perspectives and renewed energies.
These are the profoundly simple promises we may discover within the dawning of this new day among the dawnings of our shared early year... DSD
Dedicated this early year to all those wonderful wanderers who are Adventuring For Another Reason out there.

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