Monday, January 05, 2015

"It Begins Once Again..."

Once again, here and now, in these most precious moments, it all begins...
We truly sense this as we feel the first shift of our packs, as they settle upon our backs, when it begins. Then just before that first step, as we are getting underway, we sense that genesis of such emerging energy as well.
In those initial minutes, those moments of excitement & anticipation where it is all made real, where our adventure is now very much coming into being - it begins.
As our paddles reach for and touch the water, or when our hands first grasp that hiking staff, just as we feel the rock under our fingers and toes, here begins what did not exist before.
In those emerging unknowns, we are shown what will be renewed and then afreshed, coming into bloom like a large new moon, with that original vibrancy and excitement we have all felt before.
When we set out so, with each lovely new sunrise, we look forward to endless possibilities as we commence with our beginnings. Thus each moment among the wild places is born anew, and will wonderfully then transform each of us as well.
When it all begins we further embrace our origins - that essence, the source, for why we are there, for why we started out, and ultimately for why we will also then keep on going.
Then later, during what may seem to be an end to this journey, now instead we see the prelude for what is more truly very likely just the beginning of another amazing adventure. There is nothing more primal than new beginnings.
So once again, this dawning new year, it begins..... DSD 

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