Friday, May 08, 2015

"Never Forgotten..."

"We organize information on maps in order to see our knowledge in a new way. As a result, maps suggest explanations; and while explanations reassure us, they also inspire us to ask more questions, consider other possibilities."  P. Turchi

That was a very long trail. 
A trail winding far through distant valleys, then even further over a number of mountain passes. It would eventually loop through those mountain ranges, back once more upon itself, as it meandered around those many mountain peaks.
It was my trail to wander for those late season adventure days, as I wanted to simply solo hike, ponder, and wonder.
No other objectives in mind other than those of motion and musing...
From my gray haired experiences, I know that there is something always waiting out there for me.
Something beyond my expectations, usually way above my initial perceptions. Something wonderfully surprising, essentially elusive, always inviting.
After those long hours, when finally meeting that junction, where one trail branched to become three, I paused and breathed the crisp mountain air in, as I am sure most of do at that point.
I simply sat, munched some gorp, and eyed my water intake, as my mind cleared a bit more, getting the dust from back here out of its corners. Then snoozing for a few moments, and awakening as one who has sleep problems does after a short time, but usually more refreshed - I looked across and noticed it resting under some branches against a tree.
A map forgotten it was...
A map of this area of course, yet quite worn from folding, handling, with much character evident from long use.
Now came the questions about who had left it there, how long had it rested here. Should I simply leave it in case they return, or carry it further to the next campsite.
But on which trail would that be I wondered. Lot's of options; many plus's and minus's to each.
I decided to bring it home, my intention to later take it back. 
Then as I wrote these words out there, I also carried this little worn map on my return. Another later season journey.
Hoping that maybe on that trek I may meet its rightful owner, and we can then tell one another stories of the journeys this map has been on, and also of its wonderful company too.
For as we know my Dear Friends, maps always become close companions, and are truly never forgotten..... DSD 

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