Sunday, May 03, 2015

"Of Efforts And Foresight..."

I've got to say. when I stand still up there, upon a very high point, while not simply composing these words - but gazing too out upon a sea of summits, pristine valleys, a distant river, way out far below...
I've got to tell you, someone had some real foresight.
Such distant vision.
Many have then made very distinct efforts.
To think that from way back then, they were aware of the probability that such wild places were so vulnerable. That they predicted those many potential pressures, and saw what could foreshadow and happen out there.
I've got to say how amazed and impressed I am at that kind of foresight.
When I ponder over our National Parks, and as we consider what efforts are being made for Nepal, I am so reminded of what others have been able to foresee.
The way they protected these wilds places, for the wild ones too, and rebuilt like now when it was most needed, for the generations to come. The care they had for the future was indicative of so much. What gifts they set aside for us to enjoy, what stewardship they established, which was to predestine taking care of so many and so much in this way.
Those who saw this.
Those who still do this now.
Those who pass this forward for us all. 
I've got to say what foresight they all show.
So let's take a moment and honour them this day..... DSD

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