Saturday, June 20, 2015

"A Dream Yet To Be..."

There is a river out there I know well, but have yet to run all of it. It is not the longest, or largest, nor the most grand - yet it holds a truly unique beauty within its' remote fluid wildness.
Near this river is a small somewhat hidden valley. I so want to journey down between the high rock walls that embrace the older growth forests held closely there. Some of those streams from this valley feed the waters of that river which is the only way to access this undiscovered area on my map.
At the far end, at the very farthest point from this river I have yet to paddle, is an unusual mountain. Not the highest, but certainly the most aesthetic one nearby. It is a severe craggy rock, with old ice and deep snow upon it on a scale not seen on many high points now. The summit of this distant mountain may not likely have ever been visited, other than by the wind or the feathered ones, or so it feels when I dream about it.
A season does not go by where I do not also find myself again envisioning a journey upon that river, down that pristine valley, and then slowly ascending that elusive mountain...
We all have such wild places & plans, possibly misplaced dreams that we need to revisit, from deep within our hearts, where our spirit longs to wander.
The energy of life is made up of such hope and dreams.
I hope to dream again of my secret adventure yet to be, once again tonight..... DSD

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