Sunday, June 14, 2015

"When Our Dreams Take Flight..."

There is a very old legend, an ancient positive omen, that tells of a flying Eagle and the mysterious huge shadow it makes upon the waters they often journey over...
The legend says that if you are timely enough, likely even skilled enough too, you may become part of that special moment when an Eagle takes flight over water.
If you indeed lucky enough, this positive omen also suggests that then your own dreams, the things you hold most dear, will also take flight as well.
Adventures are all about dreams.
Adventurers are inherently dreamers.
We live our dreams out there as we wander and trek, scramble and climb, paddle and raft, among the mysteries and wonders of the wild places.
It's as if we have all at one time been embraced by the Eagle's shadow over the waters.
On a past solo sea kayak trip, in order to fulfill some distant island longings, I was drifting closer to a rocky shoreline with many old growth trees reaching far up and out over the waters.
The shadows I drifted among shimmered with the occasional ray of golden sunlight and reflected sea bottom.
I then noticed that very large, darkly shaped shadow on the water, which could only be a very certain unique nest up so high in these old trees. When my kayak touched that shadow, it moved and grew in size and shape, and when I gazed up those huge living wings could now also be seen.
To drift for such a long time in the shadow of an Eagle over water.
What wonderful, elusive moments...
Now I am pondering, and especially dreaming even more, as I very much believe in such ancient omens and timeless legends..... DSD 

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