Tuesday, September 22, 2015

"A Simple Tone..."

It is a small meditation bell, not really a traditional gong, given to me a very long time ago as a special gesture. I have always appreciated the unique note it makes when gently struck, and then the long lingering resonations of the harmonious sound...
I have been meditating since my early teenage years. It is a practice that has taken on many varied forms, different modulations in how it is expressed in my life. At times it is simply for the enduring practice itself, other moments to settle down the vertigo I experience, or the restless legs I always have.
My intention that adventure day though, up on that isolated secluded summit, was to hike and climb, then to muse and meditate, but also to strike another tone, a different pitch of music - one that just seemed to fit, to be in accord with and very suited for up there
When we climb, we join with a mountain.
We become part of those heights, the elements, the forces that created those places, even the vistas and also the very sounds. These combine with our internal tones too, with our efforts, and then all blend into the harmony of those high mountain energies.
We deeply experience the coherent hues of our surroundings, the accents of our climbing movements, among all the colors, light, and luminosity. The tint and shades of shadows are reflected then within our own emotions, sentiments, and then memories.
It was all of this I felt when I gently struck that little bell, up in that uninhabited, infrequently visited, solitary high place.
A lone summit, where this one sound fit in so well, its' unique music resonating, reverberating out as a meditative tone would.
A poetic time of sound, adventure, and feelings, creating a composition for a forever moment of mind and body.
Listen for a moment my Friends. Can you hear it.
A simple tone atop a lone summit..... DSD

My gratitude for sharing your images once again with us all my Friends.

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