Thursday, September 10, 2015

"Slowly, Slowly.. Pole, Pole..."

There, by that gentle stream, those compositions come to mind.
About that next distant blue mountain that awaits, so quietly out there.
But at this point of the map, I am not able to yet see it.
This is not one of those mountains that can be viewed from a highway or any nearby trail. It keeps itself secluded away, hidden far down a series of maze like long valleys.
It first spoke its name to me many, many, years ago...
Over the seasons it also whispered a few more secrets, so that they have held my inspiration for such a time now too. Long have I listened, while the few who have adventured there then shared their stories, with hushed voices out of respect for this elusive mountain.
There seems only to be a few images of it around, most showing the almost ever present storm clouds that veil the grand heights and stark ridges up high.
It is a mysterious place, where many epiphanies certainly await for those who dare to find within what they need to adventure with out there.
It is a wild place where the rock itself echoes with our longings, where dreams become real adventures, and these self-changing experiences then alchemize into such precious life long memories.
I so hope to embrace that wonderful adventure experience, when I then move slowly, so slowly towards it..... DSD

My sincere appreciation Friends for sharing here the many images of your own elusive high places.

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