Sunday, December 06, 2015

"Light In A Distant Tent..."

It was after such long days, during those very shorter hours of sunlight too.
Even further distances to cover, both of an outer and an inner nature.
Strong winds over so much frozen terrain.
Chills of temperature and in some experiences as well.
Then easing into the gentler, forever falling flakes of snow.
As the evening then dimmed once more while out upon that adventure.

Our many farther enjoyments would crystallize later.
For we were so very, yet happily tired.
All of these lasting memories and potent moments still mixing in together for us.
But for now, there was a need for simple movement forward.

Forward and still further, onward and and downward.
The goal right then was just to be consistent.
To finish what had long ago been started.
To return to where it began, safe, and then for contentments.

And then... And then...

There it is. Real it was.

A warm symbol of completion.
A comforting sense of wonder and rest.
A simple light.
In a distant tent.....  DSD  

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