Saturday, December 19, 2015

"What Gifts They Are..."

I found a descriptive truth high upon a mountain...
Where that summit also shared even more about this subtly amazing promise.
Then a further quiet truth was later discovered as well too.
In a far desert canyon, so very deep and dark.
On an ancient trail these beliefs were genuinely proven. 
Through honour, virtue, and encouragement positively given.
This same truth was revealed yet once more again.
Among distant islands embraced by a trustful ocean.
There are many truisms we adventurers surely uncover.
Such trustworthy maxims and associations that simply cannot be denied.
Our own truths become known in so many ways.
What gifts they are...
Seemingly hidden until that real trust is finally made. 
Then, when, wandering further and onward, amidst each and every step.
With such enduring hearts, beliefs, spirit, commitment & dedication - our journey for truths then actually becomes revealed and never forgotten..... DSD    

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