Sunday, January 10, 2016

"Of Beginning Once More..."

A long, slow, journey we planned to have.
Within this new vibrant season playing out before us.
Adventuring for a fresh start this all was.
To begin once more so far out there.

Setting up our camp. Sorting out gear as needed.
Initial steps upon a dreamed trail.
With first light upon our mountain.
Previously envisioned, now so very real.

Such anticipation in getting going.
Much excitement for the unknowns before us.
Enduring past enthusiasms now evoking again.
Once more, so longer and further we'll go.

Echoes of our first time we feel.
Full circle in many ways it seems.
Those beginning moments once more renewed.
Yet feeling as if they are truly everlasting.

Beginning moments of mind, dreams, and visions.
Beginning moments of effort, spirit, and connections.
All once more starting, simply all unfolding.
With us embracing the wonder of each step... DSD  

Thank you for sharing your wonderful images my Friends. 

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