Sunday, January 31, 2016

"Signing On....."

Kind of a little ditty, a farther musing, from an Outward Bound echo from so long ago...

Here's the deal our adventure's quietly seem to say.
Before us is the open contract for all to see.
Clearly concisely written in desire and commitment.
Then formalized through our dreams and visions.

This kind of agreement will always rings true. 
While every one of the individual seasons abounds.
Whether between yourself or any companions too.
Especially among the wild challenges out before you.

Here's the deal, it resonates right from the start.
Here is the evidence of what we have agreed upon.
Also the fine print for that which we've taken on.
Even between the lines true meanings are there.

So now we each choose to sign ourselves on.
There within the terms of our efforts and dedications.
Openly sealed by our enthusiasm and motivations.
Always still keeping to those principles of our intentions.

The elements will forever hold us to these agreements.
As they are so loyal to those inherently potent meanings.
The only deal breaker may be the attitude we personally carry.
For we really know deep inside that is we who has chosen.

We hike, climb, paddle, and canyoneer further and onward.
Finding it that reflection of that lake or out upon the open ocean.
In the presence of what we have truly each signed on with.
We shake hands with our spirited selves, set out, and thus seal the deal... DSD  

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