Thursday, February 25, 2016

"An Enduring And Expansive Truth....."

"No climber truly stops, in the sense that there are many levels to climb at, and many ways to remain active: giving up storm-blasted mountains for sun baked rocks, settling for strenuous hikes instead of death defying climbs, or simply living a bit vicariously through the accounts of more active climbers.
But no climber, active or inactive, young or old, can help but look back to one of their earlier climbs with a sense that they had touched something beautiful and elusive, and had found movement upon rock and ice as creation.
Enduring friendships were discovered.
New strengths were found.
Horizons expanded...
These experiences may have been passing moments or month long expeditions, but in these remembrances most climbers find necessary definition for the rest of their lives...".  J. waterman


Mark Ivan Cole said...

This is personally poignant for me, Dsd Stones. I've had the opportunity to do some exploring, some backpacking, a few short summits, and a smattering of rock climbing. I've been wondering if I can get to the stuff I've been wanting to get to for so long, not sure if there's time. Recently, I've felt like the universe has been telling me: "You're never too old." This is another reminder of that. Thank you.

Dsd Stones said...

A musing very meaningful for myself too Mark. Never too old, never that out of shape, never too far, nor too much else going on, or too much commitment would it take - never...
We do what we can, with what we are and have, where we are.
All is truly meaningful.
Each is a summit of its own kind.
Never is it a moment wasted.
The elements will always echo out with such truths...
Thank you Mark,