Saturday, February 27, 2016

"Of Adventure, Artistry, And Goals..."

Mark Ivan Cole recently said of a musing here...
"This is personally poignant for me, DSD Stones. I've had the opportunity to do some exploring, some backpacking, a few short summits, and a smattering of rock climbing. I've been wondering if I can get to the stuff I've been wanting to get to for so long, not sure if there's time. Recently, I've felt like the universe has been telling me: "you're never too old." This is another reminder. Thank you."

To which I pondered, then replied: 
"A musing very meaningful for myself too Mark.
Never too old, never that out of shape, never too far, nor too much else going on, or too much commitment would it take - never...
We do what we can, with what we are and have, where we are as well. 
All is truly meaningful.
Each is a summit of its own kind.
Never is it a moment wasted.
The elements always echo out with such truths. Thank you Mark".

Then I also reflected over two quotes posted some time ago:

"The most invisible creators I know of are those artists whose medium is life itself. The ones who express the inexpressible... Their medium is their being. Whatever their presence touches has increased life. They are artists of being alive..." J. Stone    
"The real goal. It wasn't, oddly enough, the summit of a mountain or the top of a cliff at all. That's because the goal wasn't really a place, but a feeling. It was an emotion deep inside him, and inside all of us; a sentiment we all search for, but which always seems so elusive." A. Hobson 
How wonderful, yet mysterious, all these elements are. They arise with the sun, blend with our adventures, mix in with our longings, then we gaze out upon them with the setting sun too...

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Mark Ivan Cole said...

Wow. I'm glad that my comment inspired this kind of response, Dsd Stones. The further extension of the idea that you bring here is particularly important: that life is our legacy, our work of art. If I think of it more this way, then I go for that feeling of "being alive," in whatever form it is available right now. Thanks.