Sunday, April 24, 2016

"Of Remembrance And Nepal....."

A few simple words.
Written long ago.
Gently echoing out.
With respect and remembrance...

On the summit we say their names... 
We safely stand up among the clouds, face the sun or moon, often into the wind, close our eyes, and slowly say their names aloud.
We say the names of past fellows who have journeyed the path with us; the guides and wild place teachers who have shared their hard earned wisdom; the close family and friends who still walk the same trails today.
We say the names of those who are now gone from these particular elements; the ones who knew and accepted us for who we are with all our flaws and faults; especially the ones who have challenged us to become something more.
We say the names of those who made us laugh; each one who shared a tear with us; and for those whose courage and resiliency we believe have been an example for us all.
On the summit we say their names...
By practicing an ages old quiet tradition of respect, of acknowledgement, of remembering, of bringing the past back to the present.
An ages old tradition of becoming grateful. Even in the midst of the most difficult times.
And when we are each gone, when we are no longer among the wild places, but have become a part of them instead, we hope to hear our own name said, then carried along out there among the winds, when someone on a summit says them out loud..... DSD

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