Sunday, April 17, 2016

"What Stephen Invites Us To See..."

I have so  enjoyed M. Mardon when he wrote about images by Stephen Lyman:
"Yet another burned area presents itself further along the trail with many a scorched tree still standing, very likely to live on through many more thunderstorms. But one dead tree... seems to have stood in the ground through many revolutions of the earth... its bark peeling away exposing its wood to the elements. While the sides of the dead fir are charred, its upper surface is smooth, bleached to a uniform grey, and as inviting to an artist as a chalkboard. He takes a piece of charcoal in hand and sketches a woman's face, not in bold outline but subtly, with shadings and blurred features so that an unsuspecting hiker coming upon it later might wonder if Mother Nature hadn't drawn the image herself".
Because I believe what surprises us... often also inspires us.
We often find our perceptions have been wonderfully exceeded. Our awareness significantly expands.
And this is what wild lands and adventures out in them inherently do for us...  DSD    

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