Wednesday, June 01, 2016

"Returning Full Circle..."

Just as the sun was setting I spotted it. 
Yet another smooth polished cobblestone; perfect for some small naive art.
My eye often wanders in this way, gazing, looking as I was now upon this quiet secluded island beach. The end of another so beautiful day of sea kayaking. 
I gathered it up and journeyed home where this stone waited patiently. It seemed wanting of a sunny day scene so that is what I painted; then tucked it into an 'Adventure Muse' and set it out ready...
It accompanied me to the summit of Mt Yukness to make friends among the other stones of the cairn up there. 
Just after gently placing it I spotted another rugged looking shard which I gathered in my pack just before the rain started. It needed a rainbow painted upon it, much like the one viewed on the descent. Then it joined us on that rafting of the Grand to be placed at a well deserved rest point among the sparse rocks and plants by the river. 
When packing up at waters edge, I stepped upon another small cobble and into my life jacket pocket it went to jostle and bounce and meet the rapids as we all hooted and smiled. 
The canyon scene painted upon that one may have seemed out of place in Killarney, but I don't think a 'Finder' would mind when discovering it out on Silver Peak. 
The view of Georgian Bay and the lakes there is stunning.
By one small, very clear lake, one more cobble asked me to take it on a new adventure.
This one out in the High Sierra's.
It was painted with a full moon and a thousand stars like that which may be experienced out in the Yosemite highlands.
The summit it rests upon is not well travelled, so it may be there a while enjoying the lunar vistas. 
Its brother I gathered up that day was perfect for a dual scene of night and day, which often reminds me of our northern lakes. 
So it was placed there by some quiet waters under the sitting log of a campsite.
This northern resting place has much history and mystery there.
The rocks to be gathered are of unique shapes and colors.
Painting them requires musings of another kind, and after doing so, one in particular was then placed in sister waters deep among yet other coastal islands.
While standing then at that point of the compass, I saw the glint of the setting sun on another wave and storm polished cobble. 
I slowly wandered over, gathered it up, while turning it over and over in my old hand. 
And then, full circle, I begin again.....  DSD  

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