Tuesday, June 21, 2016

"Scholar Rocks..."

"Venerable Eastern esteem for wilderness explains the popularity of 'Scholar's Rocks', single stones which have been carved into intricate, dynamic shapes by the powers of water, wind and frost. The stones - were valued for how they expressed the history and the forces of their making. If you stare at one closely enough, and for long enough, you lose your sense of scale, and the whorls, the caverns, the hills and the valleys which nature has inscribed in them can seem big enough to walk through." R. Macfarlane
Look closely.
Look closer.
Worlds inscribed within; reflects adventures experienced without.
Simple stone; venerable histories. Only rocks; but amazing images and meanings.
Imagine how these have been crafted so eloquently by natures' hand, and what it meant to discover them.
B. Juyi also wrote, of finding some Scholars Rocks: "Then I turned towards my two rocks asking if they would stay with me when I am old... They could not speak yet seemed to say that they would remain my faithful friends."
Interesting musings over the powers of the elements in shaping rock, stone, and most importantly, our perceptions...   DSD  

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