Thursday, March 30, 2017

"This Path..."

The path... Our path... Your path...
Seemingly of only rocks and stone, of ice and snow.
Countless places, where to start.
So many steps that may be taken.
This path.
That twists and turns, through canyons and valleys,
Meandering across coastlines and islands,
Above and below tree lines,
Traversing ridges and mountains.
Such paths.
Are guarded by weather and wild furred ones,
Watched over by aged ancient trees and bright flowers,
Shaded too by cliffs and so high rock towers.
These joined paths.
Always serenaded by winds and waves,
Beautiful songs we hear,
Such echoes they make.
The path. Your path. Our path.
Setting moons upon rising suns,
Towards horizons everlasting,
Our shared trails towards ourselves..... DSD

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