Thursday, May 11, 2017

"All Along The Way..."

There are those of us who listen more and others who want to share much too. 
Most tend to enjoy both of the give and take of conversation and also the quieter connections when out there. 
He was one of our elder adventurers; one of the venerable ones who through time and deed and leadership, others would follow and listen closely too, often just for the many lively stories.
It was not so much an account of his own life, as it was about the shared tales of amazing experiences in the wilds. Grand narrations of high places and fast waters, with anecdotes of legend, which many of the young ones listened closely & intently to and were then embraced by these. 
Each new day would bring forth a new fable, and each turn of the trail a different tale. When the weather changed or the sun set, the tone and content of his stories would evolve also, into something when more than words were being spoken. The fire would be lit and the images would then begin to dance before our very eyes.
To blend such fun activities of adventure, with the sharing of so meaningful tellings, was unique and powerful. The subtle thing of this experience for many of us, was that a significant part of our own adventure journey had now become the stories being told along the trail.
These many years later I can still sense how, while the adventure experiences were great and memorable, what I now remember most are the shared stories he gave us - they have become unforgettable.
He is no longer adventuring, yet I am sure his spirit wanders still. 
Now during those times out when we are telling our own tales, we ensure to share his many wonderful stories too. All along the way...  DSD

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