Thursday, May 10, 2018

"Waiting To Be Discovered..."

When introduced to our first Outward Bound Instructor on my initial course, we would learn that this person was very much a Leader, then also both Mentor and a Guide, yet even more.
We all began to realize from those moments on that more within this adventure experience was waiting to be discovered.
When we thought we were there, he invited us to move further along the trails.
When we believed we were too tired to take another step, he gently showed us how to go even farther.
If we thought it couldn't be done by ourselves, he would then support each of us in taking turns leading our group onward.
At times we could not see our way, and were then inspired by his vision.
As our doubts and uncertainties about where we were, and what we were doing became apparent, he modelled and demonstrated  the ways and means to keep going upward.
It was clear that what was heard and learned by us now, was becoming more than only what was said...
But what I myself found most intense, so distinctly vivid still in my memory, was what happened after I had shared about some particular limiting beliefs.
He looked right at me, if not right into me.
He didn't sit back, but instead stepped forward.
He asked certain distinct questions that only I could answer myself.
Then he also whispered quiet affirmations that seemed to resonate just for me.
What was said echoed out, but what was also truly sensed right then by me was an invitation - reflecting an intense enthusiasm, for sincere and powerful commitment.
What was said, then what was sensed, would now guide me along those endless paths for discovering more within than I had ever first realized..... DSD  

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