Monday, June 25, 2018

“Of Seeing...”

There is a person I hope to see out there often, hiking on a trail of dreams to a very distant valley.
There is someone I feel we know quite well, out upon those ocean waters, among those so secluded islands.
There is a wanderer we each sense out beyond too, wondering at the beauty & mystery of both sunrise and sunset.
There is also a familiar individual rappelling, deep into those canyons, just out there a little ahead of us.
There is a climbing partner of ours, who waves once again at us, from those heights of rock and spirt and thought.
That person, that paddler, this climber, and hiker, is the real adventurer within each of us my Dear Friends. 
There is an Adventurer inside each of us here, waiting to journey out there, so we can meet with each other again, and share so much more with ourselves in all of these wild ways..... DSD

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