Friday, June 15, 2018

“Timely Truth...”

 It is one of those distinct truths, we adventurers come to know so well, within our awareness of time, and especially of moments out there.
The real truth of it is, very much written in stone it would seem, that the time will pass anyway, regardless of how we plan or wander.
A truth we learn to hopefully embrace, not in any way of sadness or loss, for this potent awareness is so valuable, when understanding the depths of moments we each are gifted.
Time will indeed most certainly pass, no matter if we are aware, or do not choose to participate, as it is our time, and our own choice, to blend with this as we will.
When looking ahead over decisions and directions, then when gazing back upon memories and wonders, all the while accepting the elemental adventurous nature - of time..... DSD

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