Wednesday, October 21, 2009


"I'd fallen under its spell in part because of what it was, but also because of what I wanted it to represent." K. Johnson

Our wild places cast many spells upon each of us... We are charmed by deep canyons, so attracted to the fast flowing rivers, always fascinated by the high majestic mountains, often amazed and surprised by the deserts, and forever spellbound by the winds and waves among islands embraced by oceans and lakes... Such incantations touch each of us on the deepest levels of our awareness and spirit as to hold us so closely forever... When we later call these to mind we learn for ourselves again and again what symbolism and meaning adventure journeys represent for each of us. They portray, they affirm, they embody, motivate, and truly manifest our hopes, dreams, and desires for what we want to experience out there - and for who we want to be as adventurers... Such are wild place bewitchments of the very best kind...

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Anonymous said...

The wilds of the world always beckon me closer to them, like the sirens hearkening to Odysseus. And I cannot break away,