Monday, October 05, 2009

"Your Wilderness Calling....."

"Wilderness is not just a place... It is also a state of being...". G. May
"If you are willing, and if you listen very gently and carefully, you will sense that this mysteriousness is ready to lead you, guide you to where you need to be... It is your wilderness calling...". G. May
Somewhere, something, is calling to you my Friends...
Whatever your wild places may be for you,
Where ever your wilderness may exist,
However you seek your adventure experiences out there,
Somewhere, something, is calling especially for you...
Such callings seek out our own answerings - and those answers, we know, are very personal, very individual, very special for each of us. You will be the only one to hear it calling in that way...
Our responses to these quiet callings often reflect freedom, fun, companionship, and challenge. Then our wild place adventures become the means for us to become the person we want to be - out there and then back here as well.
Somewhere, something, is calling to you.....

My appreciation to J&M Monkman for the above images.

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