Thursday, December 16, 2010


The terrain of dedication is a diverse one. Like that which reflects our intentions for climbing a mountain itself, the meaning of our dedications, and what we wish to honour with our adventure efforts, is a very individual and personal thing. For myself, the study of what elements make up our resoluteness; in pondering the willingness we each choose in 'giving up to get' within our adventure goals, and in musing over why and how we devote ourselves so - remains a life long quest.
I thought of dedication again when returning with a close companion to a mountain where a fall took place, and how dedicated my friend is in keeping on in the face of such severe adversity.
I reflect on dedication as well when I read over the many wonderful links I have here to the scribings our fellow adventurers like Kraig, Stewart, Casey, Carol, and others make in their continued loyal commitment to the quality, frequency, and depth of their adventurous blog posts.
I think too of Rick McCharles at Best Hikes, in his year over year journeys to seek out and actually experience many of the best hikes of the world, his posts and pictures about them, and the amazing sharing in placings he has made of Summit Stones.
Then there are all of you too, fellow 'Partners In Placing', who share in beliefs about the importance of giving back and passing forward. What selfless dignity you have sharing in the smiles and karma along the way.
So, here's to you my Friends, as we dedicate ourselves once again - in sharing at this time of year; towards planning next seasons adventures; and especially within how we consider we might 'Adventure For Another Reason'...
Such inscriptions of our dedications are then indeed written in stone, within the forms of our vision, our desires, and our adventure dreams about the wild places...
I wish for each of you many very happy seasons of summits & trails, sunrises & sunsets.....

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Kolby said...

Hear, hear! Wonderfully put! Happy holidays to you and yours, DSD!