Monday, December 20, 2010

"In The Wild Places..."

In the wild places... We discover land & seascape as muse and are gifted with many intense experiences worth pondering over.
In the wild places we learn of nature and of ourselves as well. Elemental metaphors are both surreal and very real out there.
In these wild places we find that sense of freedom each being needs in their lives. In these special places the goal is to adventure and see new things, and also to see in new ways...
We begin to realise what wild really is, the strength within nature, and to know its' vulnerabilities too.
In the wild places we find inspiration, we re-create motivation, we more understand our motives - our why's for going and doing what we do out there...
We embrace the seasons of the wild places, the seasons for our lives, and the real reasons why such outback resonates within us.
We cannot be, what we cannot see; so we open ourselves up in the wild places. We share experiences so meaningful with family, partners, friends, and animals.
In the wild places we begin to know what we always knew. Many times out there our bodies are tested as they should be. Yet in the wild places we feel and sense more than body though; we also find real spirit...
In these wild places we uncover true humility and that which we all are part of. We exert efforts to preserve that which was passed forward to us knowing intuitively its importance...
In the wild places we learn priceless lessons, depths of insights. We want to attain goals, to be, to feel. We play, have such fun, returning to our child like lives.
In the wild places we experience the power of choices. We so push ourselves, and each other, while moving beyond self-induced barriers and past adversity.
In the wild places we enjoy endless sunsets, alpenglow, the wind, waves, and such vistas too many to count. We discover surprises, newness, realities before unknown. We see many levels of nature, true beauty, of the place and as a human in that place.
In the wild places we become more of the person we want to be; we go back to our natural selves, and return refreshed.
Ultimately... In the wild places, we find what we never lost, and are so grateful for these gifts.....
My appreciation to G. Wiltsie for the above images.

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HÃ¥vard said...

That's beautiful, and so true.