Wednesday, December 08, 2010

"Further Mystery & Magic Of Mixing In..."

The higher and farther we go, the further we seek it seems, within our wanderings and the fun of our adventures. As have I too these last long seasons, and especially within the mystery & magic of 'mixing in'... I've written briefly about this before as it has become a wonderful part of the gathering, then particularly the painting, and finally in the sharing of these little gifts I call Summit Stones.
Many elements have called to me within these last long seasons, among so many wild places, wandering solo and with others out there. I have journeyed so much further and higher along these adventurous paths than ever before in search of certain kinds of selected stones and elements to 'mix in' with them.
There were deep canyons where I collected the seeping moisture of desert tears and sand crystals never likely touched before.
Out among a few secluded valleys too where at the ends of these, I discovered very old rock fire rings, and the remnants of weathered charcoal under those stones there.
I sought these elements upon one of the most elusive summits I've yet shared in, where that unique powder of rocks can be found hiding among the crevices up there.
I gathered other elements as well near such distant coastal islands, whose grains of sand and shells are so rare, and whose ash from fires there is so welcoming and warm.
There was also the elemental waters from snow fields, some glaciers too, from last years sun and wind dried alpine flowers, and the aged old pine needles and leaves found near our northern lakes.
Then when ridge walking, as I so love to do, I found that distinct high point of stone, with markings upon it that could only be from multiple lightning strikes, and the scrapings of this I was able to gather up as well...
Now, here, I sit quietly, with the window open slightly, listening to the soft music of snow gently falling. In front of me are quite a number of small Nalgene containers. Each has one of these gathered up elements within it. I know every one well, for the precious gifts they are, from such far away wondrous wild places. I will spend endless hours this winter, learning and practicing how to mix these in with the paints utilized on these Summit Stones - the techniques, the swirling in, the composition, and how this then will dry, all intrigues me greatly. Some selected stones absorb them well, while others need to be coaxed along.
Particles of each element, maybe the tiniest drop of moisture too, may be ground up or simply will be mixed in with the images of mountains, the alpenglow and fires, the flowers and trees, and the sun, moon, and waters that become part of the face of these painted cobblestones.
I so hope this then all blends together to further reflect the mystery we all sense from out there, those energies which resonate and emanate for each of us, and that which supports our intentions and feelings within our adventures. All of which may 'mix in' to call us further, farther, onward, upward, and inward...
Many seasons of gathering, so many hours of mixing in and painting, then sharing with my Friends & Partners In Placing, all blending now together during this wonderful sharing season as gifts for you Dear Finders.
Enjoy the wonder, mystery, and magic of it all.....


Alexandra said...

I like that your small summit stones represent something so significant and so large!

I can just hold mine, look at it, and it takes me to those wonderful places that I have been and to places where I dream to go!

Thank you for your vivid descriptions!

Unknown said...

Thank you Alexandra,
I too so enjoy the feel of these, and the remembering of where they were discovered, and all the adventures that they remind me of...

Barker said...

The surface of my stone is rough in texture. It feels like there is something there beneath the paint. I love that and the mountain top I found it on.

Reg said...

I can feel the warmth of the fire on my summit stone found on the third highest peak in banff. Then you very much DSD for your generosity.

K said...

The painted stones that we found in the cairn on top of Yukness Mountain are beautiful. Now I read this and are running my hand over the surface of my stone and wonder what has been mixed in with the paint. I love that kind of mystery! The fact that my stone is very important and special for me means this just keeps adding to it. You are a special person DSD for your commitment and dedication. I enjoy the mystery also of wondering who you are and if I have hiked or climbed with you before. This just makes me smile even more.
Thank you.

rob said...

This is a very old form of art. Very full of mystery also.

PeakClimberCal said...

Really unusual and special !
That is a very cool mysterious thing to do with your painting as if the rocks were not as unique in themself. I really hope to find one in a summit register some day !!

Anonymous said...

Mine has lines and raised parts in the paint, That is a cool mystery, and has me thinking about what was mixed in there?
Very unusual and unique!

Arnie, Jamey, Mary said...

Mystery and magic and wonder and much more!
Our summit Stone was discovered in our campsite in the Broken Group Islands.
It has a sunset painting as the picture and the paint looks like it is layered. This kind of art is really interesting. What could be mixed in with the paint we ask ourselves? What a cool mystery is that!
Thank you for your awesome inspiration DSD.
Thank you for passing this forward for us.
Just awesome!

Cole & Kate from BC said...

Your Summit Stone is now here in our home DSD. We climbed up Mt Niblock and found a beautiful message from a tiny painted touchstone and a tiny piece of rock that gave each of us a big smile.
Then we read your blog and then we discover this mixing in and the smiles got even bigger.
:) :) :) :)
This is amazingly cool!
You share mystery, inspiration, goodwill, and big smiles.
Pretty amazing gifts DSD!
:) Cole & Kate from BC

Will said...

This is amazing!
I am very grateful for meeting you, for the summit we shared and thankyou for my beautiful summit stone.
Now reading your posts about your art of painting and mixing in has made this whole experience even more special.
How long have you been sharing these?
What amazing art and beautiful gifts.
They are really something.
Will/Mt Yukness

Unknown said...

Hi Will,
Great to catch up after last season. You are very welcome and I too certainly enjoyed our shared adventure day up on Yukness.
Lake O'Hara never ceases to inspire...
Many years, even longer seasons have gone by in which these little touchstones have been passed forward. It's all about the smiles. The 'mixing in' of elements is a truly ancient form of artistry. My stone painting style is simply a 'naive' one, but the 'mixing in' hopefully adds a bit of particular character for fellow wanderers like yourself.
'Mixing in' so many elements is also a quiet, yet potent metaphor, which I learned about long ago on Outward Bound, for there is always 'more within' then we ever first realize...
Hope we meet on the trail again Will.