Friday, May 27, 2011

"No Tread Between....."

No Tread at all it seems, between us, and the trail this day. Within a flow, a sense of something else, such an effortlessness among our paths. These feelings, a so sweet spot to be, ongoing motion & momentum forward, no need for long to rest. No tread between us and the trail, nor between the mountain now. Steep slopes, so much loose scree, yet continuous movement still, with heads held up so very high. The knowing of endurance of another kind, an assuredness within each and every step. Forward, upward, now upon the peak, nothing between us and this ancient rock. No tread between anything at all, instead sensing, touching, blending, becoming one, between us and this whole adventure day.....DSD

My appreciation to C. Peter for the lower image above and to G. Dale for the upper image.

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