Friday, May 06, 2011

"Two... Climbing As One..."

Two climbers, two rope partners, two close friends. Climbing as one, on a mountain of rock, among endless beauty of snow and ice. Knowing that closeness and shared feelings of movement, sensation, of placement, and position. It is typically two who are out there, upon those mountain faces, while linked by rope, and commitment in that unique way. There may be two, but they are really climbing as one... A special experience of connection it is, of profound shared wonders and such potent energy. Touching the same rock - moving, blending, within the music of adventurous synchronicity. A mixing in of space, within moments of time, and of an agreed upon intention. One knowing the other, so very closely, in that experience of trust, confidence, and friendship. There may be two, yet they are more truly climbing as one..... DSD

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Barry said...

From past experience, I can relate to the common bond rock and ice climbers enjoy. Climber and belayer literally hold their lives in each others hands. Communication is terse and specific, occasionally intuitive. Yor text and pictures bring back special memories.