Sunday, November 13, 2011

"Slowly... Slowly... So Surely..."

Slowly, slowly, so surely, we adventure and make our way... So slowly, slowly, we journey. Among the wilds, seeking, endlessly asking and wondering. So surely, yet slowly, we strive to gain the strength and all the confidences we need. Slowly we then climb, taking each step, making each move, up a mountains face. Slowly we then paddle, moving through currents and waves, staying true to our course. So slowly we then trek, through both desert and valley, searching in those forever moments, among sunrise and at sunset. Slowly, slowly, so surely we then sense an awareness of hidden meanings, within realizations and connections, from among such lasting memories. Slowly, so slowly, so surely, we finally cross that terrain of our selves, creating wonderful endless horizons, for our adventurous lives. Slowly, slowly, yet truly surely..... DSD

Dedicated to every one of the links here under 'Giving Back' who slowly but surely 'Adventure For Another Reason'...

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- B. said...

Thank you for the inspiration! Much needed today.