Friday, December 07, 2012


I was reminded recently by Andra about taking moments to quiet oneself, and to remember to breathe... Our breath is both means and an end, a way for centering so that we may then embrace many meanings. Here is a favorite poem my Friends, for you to breathe in and enjoy this adventure day, from Deng Ming-Dao...
"You breathe,
Frosting mountains white,
Exciting trees to verdant flame,
Dancing sparrows on your wing,
Swirling waves into long sighs,
You breathe,
And all things live...".
Remember to breathe..... DSD


Alexandra said...

Glad to see my blog post became a reminder! I hope too that it will be for others. And for those who have never breathed, I hope my post and yours will be a window to a wonderful new way to feel life!

SummitStones said...

Wonderfully mused Andra!
I am of the same hopes as well...