Friday, December 14, 2012

"The Giver Should Be Thankful..."

"It is written even still... that the giver should be thankful; only then is it a sharing... Somebody accepted you through your gift...".  Osho
"In becoming a giver... we establish an affinity with all creatures in the world...".  Dogen
My sincere gratitude to you all Dear Finders, and Partners In Placing , for your having allowed me to gift you with a small Summit Stone..... DSD


- B. said...

What a wonderful tree. Happy Holidays to you too, DSD.

SummitStones said...

To you as well B, a very happy holidays.

Jeff said...

Love the giver more than the gift. -
Brigham Young

D, your willingness to share love is why you receive so much love in return.

SummitStones said...

Wonderful Brigham Young quote Jeff and thank you for your heartfelt thoughts as well.