Saturday, December 22, 2012

"Echoes Of Our Inner Selves..."

Very deep down, I think we all sense, that we 'hear' many things more closely out in the wild places. We often discover ourselves listening for them on our journeys, actively seeking out these messages within our quests, even surprised by their quiet unexpected whispers so many times as well. But I think as adventurers, we all truly sense them being as much a part of the experience out there as any other element.
The wild places inherently, naturally, resonate with such echoes, especially those personified reflections of our inner selves...
Our adventure experiences echo as answers to our questions, assents of that which is most important for each of us, close invitations of the way we hope things can be, and representations of the adventurers we want to become...
Echoes among echoes, resonating from within our efforts and dreams, revealing why we do what we do out there and the significance this has for our lives.
In those canyons we first heard words, but now know meanings.
On those distant coastal islands, we began to truly understand the echoes of what at first we only see.
The resounding experiences upon mountain summits provides endless vistas of perception and echoes of messages never to be forgotten.
Our northern lakes quietly, calmly, release their secrets too, as we listen for the echoes of our loons and their longings for the connections we all seek.
So, let's all take some slow precious moments this season Dear Friends, and listen a little more gently and closely out there, for those quiet but sure echoes, reflecting from our inner adventure selves too..... DSD 

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