Friday, April 26, 2013


"Everything in the world has a hidden meaning... Men, animals, trees, stars, are all a kind of hieroglyph. When you see them you may not understand them. You think they are really men, animals, trees, stars. It is only years later that you truly understand...". N. Kazantzakis

That we begin to understand at all is amazing and so wonderful... DSD
My appreciation to David Terrell for the above inspiring image called "Song Of Running White Wolf".


Barry said...

This is such an interesting and inspiring quotation. I have known for a long time that reality can be far removed from perception but I have not considered perception within the wilderness quite this way. I can see and understand how the concept, with experience, could expand the mind's interpretation. Very interesting.

SummitStones said...

You are so very right Barry. I find such quotes to invite many not seen before perceptions. They give us pause when we are out on the trail don't they...