Friday, May 31, 2013

"Onward, Upward, Inward..."

Words within a poem from the trail,
A mantra for certain fulfilling motivation,
All about such enduring momentum,
Yet also reflecting our deep emotion...
'Further' became the invocation,
A chanting over very long distance,
Looking past perceived limitations,
And further it was we went...
'Forward' was the clear saying,
Regardless of the many external challenges,
Or of our internal hurdles too,
For forward it now was...
'Upward' was the powerful inspiration,
Shared in such potent moments,
To go beyond assumed limitations,
Then upward was our direction...
'Inward' is now our shared song,
In midst of these special times to sing,
About our unique adventure paths,
And the real journey we discover out there...
Our quests within wonderful adventures,
Poetic words found upon a trail,
Further, forward, onward, upwards, and inwards,
Now it forever is..... DSD

Dedicated for International Trails Day tomorrow, for Outward Bound who guides so many of us on our first trails, to those who continue on their chosen trails while Adventuring For Another Reason , and to my Partners In Passing Forward smiles all along the way.

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