Sunday, May 05, 2013

"Go Anyway....."

Endless days of rain that time out, but interestingly on the far side of this, such smiles and laughter was to be found.
Many nights of cold, still - another discovery for such warmth of companionship and accomplishment.
Then came that lasting echo...
Rain, cold, whatever.
Go anyway...
Those storms we face may seem to stall our efforts. Yet they can also though, become part of our strengths and energy.
Thunder and lightning will happen too. As will the moments for embracing rainbows that occur after, just as often out there.
Those strong winds are usually first felt as barriers. But can also later many times blend in with our momentum and motivations.
We've done what we must.
We've prepared all we can.
We've trained hard for long months.
We plan and take many options for any gear we might need.
So, regardless now of whatever may placed in our path, let's go anyway...
For hidden out among the wild places, as a gift for those who persist in venturing far in these ways, are profound experiences, eternal memories, and unforgettable forever moments.
If we choose to endure, to stay the course, and go anyway..... DSD

My appreciation for sharing your enduring images with us Dear Friends.

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Barry said...

That which applies to self determination also serves the art of taking chances. I have always been amazed at how much better things work out than might have been initially expected. Sometimes the treasure is in the pursuit of what was initially perceived as potentially disappointing.