Sunday, November 03, 2013

"Life May Be Short....."


Those mountains of ours are very high.
But, life is short.
So we go and climb them.

Those trails we share appear daunting.
Yet, as compared to what.
So we get out and hike them.

Those coastlines simply go on forever.
Though, we do not.
So we ensure to keep wandering them.

Those canyons and caves appear quite dark.
Quite seemingly full of all the unknowns.
So we bring much light with us.

Those river waters move through very fast.
Yet, so do our kayaks and rafts.
So we go and run them.

The weather often might not cooperate.
Still, always are there whispers of what could be.
So we go and laugh among the winds and rain.

Adversities out there are apparently inherent.
But, there are valuable lessons for us as well.
So we go and learn them.

We may be even a little bit afraid.
That, so far out we could lose our way.
Still we go anyway and find ourselves.

Challenges are naturally and clearly present.
Yet, our close friends smiles are too.
So we go and share them.

Sometimes we may also go by ourselves.
That, is another farther kind of adventure.
As we embark on discovering even more within.

Our dreams may feel like they are fleeting.
But, they are all too important to walk away.
So we go out an envision them.

We think that there may always be time for this.
Yet, that is not something anyone can ever predict.
So we decide not to wait for the magic to appear.

Adventures at first can seem misty and ephemeral.
But, their echoes are always awaiting there.
So we go and experience them.

Life may at first appear quite short.
Still, our choices are very far reaching.
So let's go and create our forever moments right now..... DSD 

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