Sunday, November 24, 2013

"Of Echoes....."

Echoes all...
Endless soundings, meaningful longings, lasting remembrances, from our forever moments...
A raven's call.
Powerful ocean storms.
Huge winter coastal waves.
Crackling of a fire.
The quiet of a forest trail.
Crisp winter snowshoeing.
"On belay!".
"Just glad I'm here".
"We made it".
A canyon's deep mysteries.
Sleeping under countless stars.
A close friend's encouraging comment.
The crunch of ice on a northern lake.
Veils of moving mists.
A river's endless wanderings.
Wind through tall trees.
Thunder in the distance.
A wolf's lonely voice.
Creaking of a pack.
Touch of a paddle to water.
A loon's calling out.
Shifting of ancient rocks.
Silence atop a summit.
Echoes all...
So many others awaiting. To be heard even just once more.
From within our forever journeys..... DSD 


Dean K Miller said...

Very, very nice. Will digest this one somemore.

Dsd Stones said...

Hi Dean and thank you so very much. I often find myself musing over echoes here after wandering far out there. Always wonderful to hear from a fellow wanderer and writer!