Sunday, November 17, 2013

"So Many Truths....."

"It is what the mountains truly reveals about us that has any lasting value...".   D. Breashears
The wild places, and especially the high places, hold so many truths...
Those real honesty's from out beyond, which are also very accurate for each and every one of us as well.
These are trustworthy perceptions that our adventures always reflect back upon ourselves.
The sincere meanings for why we do what we do out there, and then back here too.
They are the elemental priceless promises for who we really want to be.
All truly revealed by our intentions and efforts, our endurance, our connections with one another, and our willingness to embrace the essence of such adventurous meaning, direction, and purpose.
Then the actual eventual memories created themselves, from our long wanderings, also become such truly and deeply held personal beliefs.
Seemingly a simple thing of rock and snow and ice, of winds and height and light.
But what our mountains slowly reveal about us - such eternal gifts of truth they are..... DSD

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