Sunday, March 22, 2015

"A Farther Adventure Of Mystery..."

"At other times, when the sun shone out clearly, they witnessed a most unusual weather phenomeneon, one that none of them had ever experienced, or even heard of before. All of a sudden the pale mist, lit up by the sun, seemed to 'ignite' somehow, shining out a pure white that obscured everything else in the world...".
"A matter of mere yards before them, the ground dropped away all of a sudden down into almost a sheer abyss, and below, in front of them, and all around them opened into a massive bowl-shaped valley. It stretched away for miles all around, its floor at least a mile below them, and almost sheer cliffs hemmed it in on every side. Great. towering cliffs soared out of the deeply sloping valley sides, and the light of the golden early morning sun streamed all the way through from the eastern end to set the bare rock of these cliffs afire with a deep orange radiance. At the foot of them, a thick wall of trees plunged farther down into the shadowed depths of the huge valley, shimmering and swaying peacefully in the breeze...". D. Bilsborough

Two favorite quotes that were remembered on this adventure day, as I gaze over some maps of mountains & valleys near here, that I am now dreaming about discovering. What will be revealed, what will unfold - well that then will be much of the mystery...  DSD 

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