Sunday, March 08, 2015

"Our Story With No End....."

That is what our adventures are.
A story with no end...
A story of promise, of possibility, desire, and high expectations. The wild places inspire these stories and we become trusting of such experiences from out there.
We remember the uplifting moments, the fulfillment's, and the transcendence's of the mountains.
We remember the knowings, the innocence, and the expressions of the desert...
We remember the potentials, the futures, and the feelings that the rivers share...
We remember too the oceans and lakes with their newness, the breakthroughs, and their messages of hope.
Wild places for many often especially create experiences of freedom, sometimes for redemption, even emancipation's and forgiveness.
They are a story too so phoenix like in spirit, with endless new beginnings and meanings, grand memories and sensing of something 'more than' to be found.
So many musings to be discovered, so much to be enjoyed, all inviting us to go onward, to go forward, to go beyond.
A spirited story with no end, as there doesn't need to be, because the wonders are also in the journey and the telling of the story itself too..... DSD

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