Wednesday, March 25, 2015

"I Wonder..."

There are many hidden valleys out there, waiting, just waiting...
I am sure some hardly ever see the shadow of a human fall within them; hardly ever hear the breathing of a person among them.
Many such hidden places only the feathered and the four legged ones know about.
It was on a solo, just off the regular trail, while hand-railing a small alpine lake, that I was to enjoy the serendipity of discovering the remnants of a very old trail heading subtly north off into the trees.
It wouldn't have even been noticed if I hadn't stopped at just that spot to adjust my pack again as it often shifts about as if it has a mind of its own.
"I wonder...", are two words which have led me out both on amazing unplanned adventures and epics as well. I pondered these words again in my mind, and then just stepped out and started to follow where this musing and that trail might take me.
It was a very old trail.
After an hour it only led to what seemed to be a narrowed section where two rock bands met and embraced each other.
I 'wondered' again, and after some struggling with scree and scrub, made my way up and through this stony cleft. The trees beyond only thickened further, but after just a bit more persistent bushwacking, the rock dropped away, and a small hidden valley opened up.
There are times out there that brand an image within our minds as any tattoo upon the skin - so memorable, so vivid are they...
I wandered about there for hours. For such a small place there was much to explore. Trees to gaze upon, a small stream to listen to, polished rock to hold, lichen to wonder over, high cliffs on all sides to look up at, and tracks to study.
That was a very special day of wandering and wonderment.
Of simple exploring and enjoying.
Of reflecting upon summits and secrets and musings among that little hidden valley.
I have yet to return to that secret place.
Part of me kind of hopes no one else has discovered it since; but I am sure someone has. On those quiet reflective evenings, I wonder again if that old snow ever really melts in there, I ponder how much growth has taken place, and what flowers are out this season. I wonder too if that ages old cairn I found still exists, and I smile as I think of the little surprise I placed there...
And then I begin planning to return to that special hidden valley.
There are many of them out there waiting still..... DSD

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