Sunday, March 18, 2012

"Funny Where..."

Funny where... We each might discover, inspirations not seen before... Interesting how, we each may find, new anticipations just not recognized yet. We never know for sure, what such first light may mean for us. Of the warmth within desires, wants, and dreams, we have yet to fully understand... We can never say for sure, that the mists do not hold things yet to be revealed, from passions yet to be uncovered from within their depths... Funny how... The beginnings of an adventure day reflects the dawnings within our minds, and the shifting of perceptions too. Such new vistas can hold out for each of us, previously hidden enthusiasms and motivations. Wonderfully funny it is... How we each will surely discover, mysterious inspirations not known before..... DSD

Thank you my Friends for sharing your inspirational images with all of us.

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