Sunday, March 04, 2012

"To Ask And Answer One's Own Questions..."

Today I was reminded about the subtle sharing of some powerful ponderings that seem to echo for us all... They are from Outward Bound Leaders offered before solo, from countless quiet discussions around glowing campfires, and an old Mountain Guide friend, very grey of hair, but so youthful of energy and perceptions. With that sure confidence that grows from having asked and then having sought the answers to one's own questions - they invite us to ask ourselves as well: What do you want from this adventure experience? How is that important for you? And, on the best of all days out there, what would that be like? We ask ourselves too: What kind of adventurers do you want to be when out there? Who do you want to be like when wandering? More pointedly: How much do you really want this? And, if you get what you want from these experiences, what would that mean to you? We quietly ask ourselves as well: What do you hope, dream, and wish for about your adventures? What is in your mind's eye about them? And, why is that meaningful for you? Then when doing so, we discover that to ask and answer one's own such questions, especially while out wandering, is so potent an adventure journey in itself..... DSD

My appreciation Dear Friends for including your images from when out musing over you own questions.

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