Sunday, March 25, 2012

"The Ground Shook Beneath Us..."

It occurred in those very early, long ago seasons, as we followed along with every measured step that was taking us forwards, as we were being lead by our Outward Bound Instructors. Then in later years too, with every determined step of theirs, as our Mountain Guides took us upwards - the ground seemed to also be shaking beneath us... What had happened was truly an earthquake of sorts, of our emotions, tremors around our assumptions, and a shaking apart of beliefs and misconceptions. The ground of what had seemed to have been solid perceptions clearly shook beneath us so... What they were doing through their actions, showing us by their example, saying in their quiet yet potent ways, and in modelling who they were choosing to be as mentors' and as adventurers' out there - had shaken up our vistas of the world, and more importantly the sometimes limited views we each had of our very selves... Then what we began sensing, seeing, then realizing deeply, and finally believing in, was that the terrain we had previously created of our perceptions from before was not as solid as we had once felt. 'This was possible', 'we can do this', were now all our new compelling mantras. The concept that there was indeed more within us than we ever first knew became our new inviting geography... Our preconceived limitations were now shaken, our previously limiting beliefs were now shattered, our understanding of possibilities had shifted, and the epicenter of what we now truly knew had moved distinctly farther and higher. The ground had shaken greatly beneath us, and we were so very happy that this had happened..... DSD

My appreciation to Colin for his wonderful efforts and these thought provoking images.

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