Sunday, March 11, 2012

"Meditations Upon A Dragons' Back..."

The very name of this part of that climb so intrigued me the first time I heard it. To finally be moving across that rock was thrilling. It was on our way, those long years ago, to our ascent of Castle Tower, also called Eisenhower Tower of Castle Mountain in Banff. While climbing the Tower itself was an amazing adventure experience, there was just something about the Dragons' Back that whispered certain quiet secrets. I have returned there many times now... You can scramble to this point but from there on it is a technical climb. That has invited me to enjoy going solo up to and then for long hours just upon the Dragons' Back itself. Solo because that seems the best way to slowly blend with the many elements up there. The winds themselves cross the crest of this part of the mountain often. The stone is unique in ways both felt and seen. The vistas from this point are special looking out and across to so many other mountains and valleys. When gazing one way in particular, you can imagine what it would be like traversing the sky itself up here, flying this way and that, upon such a Dragons' Back. I listen for the waters as well, amidst the occasional rains, or snow melt too, when I have meditated up there. Each contemplative experience when allowing this to unfold, I have lost any sense of time or place, and as surreal as that feels, it is very fitting and so reflective of the name: Dragons' Back. In my minds' eye today, I can envision once again, the next time I will share the sky, up so high upon this elusive wild place..... DSD

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