Sunday, February 16, 2014

"A Winter And Summer Summit Stone..."

A good friend, time out with each other, then a gesture and a gift - reflecting the many shared experiences we have had...
This was to acknowledge his special chosen objective. A winter climb we had enjoyed before. A route safe to scramble, even after freshly fallen snows. It was late in that season, where we could have fun with the remaining winter splendour among gently warming good conditions.
The snow became like welcoming stars. The mountains and valleys like endless beautiful artistic imagery.
I had painted just that kind of wintry scene, mirroring his chosen mountain, upon a unique little cobblestone. This after 'mixing in' some elements with the paint, that would be meaningful for him as well.
He so appreciated this small touchstone. A reminder of our shared adventure that day.
Then, years later, I quietly took that stone back. We were planning to return to this same peak, but in the midst of a warm summer. So I painted this new scene over my initials on the back of his Summit Stone. One side still with that original old wintry memory, the other with the same mountain now under a summer sun.
After getting to the cairn first back then, I returned his stone there. Then moved away to put on my fleece, for a snack, and some rest.
His reactions to re-discovering his Summit Stone once again were unforgettably wonderful. The shared feeling timeless and very special.
So long lasting connections, seasons over long amazing seasons, within such forever moments we each make out there, don't we my Friends..... DSD

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