Sunday, February 02, 2014

"Compelling Conversations..."

There are always energetic, sometimes quiet, yet resounding conversations that unfold within our adventures.
There are also many ways to express ourselves out there. Exchanges of meanings and messages, reflecting all of our efforts and willingness to endure. As adventurers we all so hope to join with such mysterious, subtle exchanges within nature.
Canyons always call softly to us.
Storms forever tell their own stories.
Summits speak quietly, many times through their memorable symbolism.
Valleys give voice to our dreams.
Waves upon an open ocean provide words describing our hopes.
Coastal coves are found chanting such invitations as well.
Islands enthusiastically inspire many different  communications.
Sunrise and sunset are always moments for sharing even if enjoyed in solitude.
Northern lakes have phrases all of their own, whose dialect changes as one season blends into another.
Then expansive deserts describe why all of this is so important.
I ponder such compelling conversations often out there...
I remember being first invited to do so on Outward Bound. We were asked to listen. Simply, closely, quietly, listen - for the messages that would always eventually and surely be found within the wild places. Subtle affirmations that would tell us what we each might need to hear, what every one of us seeks to know, about what many then need to do...
What then is expressed is for our own ears. What will now manifest reflects our personal dreams.
Later this year I plan to climb a very elusive mountain. Pausing at certain waypoints along the ridgeline and near the peak as well. To listen for the murmurs I know will be there. At the summit I will listen even more closely for the whispers upon the winds. Such compelling conversations these are. All reflecting echoes of our ancient selves, and then who we all still hope to be.
What amazing languages we all learn as we adventure, don't we my Friends..... DSD

Dedicated this adventure day to Beth & Robert Ramsey, and his Father In Law.
~Solvitur Ambulando~

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